Crumbles the ex-battery hen

Allow us to introduce you to Miss Crumbles, a lovely Isa brown hen.
Crumbles was rescued from her life in a battery cage by the wonderful people at Red’s Rescue.
She was not in great shape when she came into care. Crumbles was thin, shabby and suffered from an infection. Following a visit to BBEVS, it wasn’t long before she was back on track and strutting her stuff in the the sun.
Crumbles’ next hurdle occurred when she was accidentally hit by a door which slammed closed in the wind. She was found in a bad way, and was quickly rushed into BBEVS. Upon assessment, our vets found that she had severely injured her neck, so badly that she could not hold her head up. Her right wing was also shattered. Despite her severe injuries, it was decided that we would assess Crumbles’ progress each 24 hours and make tough decisions depending upon her condition.
Young Crumbles shocked us all on a daily basis. Despite her condition, she never lost her fight, and began to improve quite rapidly. She was on some wonderful medications to help keep her comfortable, and required tube feeding as her little neck was so very sore. As Crumbles regained strength in her neck, and was able to begin feeding on her own, we began to prepare her for a wing amputation, as it was beyond repair.

Crumbles made it through her surgery with flying colours and was able to return home a few days later. She was very excited to be in familiar surroundings!

48 hours later…

Unfortunately she was so excited to be back at home and in her favourite perching place, that she forgot she was a limb down, and was now unbalanced. Crumbles tried to hop up to her perch, and managed to break her little leg! Poor chook was rushed back to BBEVS for yet another assessment with our wonderful vets. An X-ray confirmed that her leg was broken, and she was prepped for another surgery. After having a pin placed through the broken bone, she was back on track, and was able to head home again.

Crumbles has since become a semi-indoor chook and is wrapped in cotton wool. She’s a bold lady and her fighting spirit amazed us all. Today, she is 100%!

Accidents like Crumbles’ occur on a daily basis. While it’s human nature to feel awful about these incidents, they are simply accidents. Some common accidents that land our pets in hospital include being squashed in doors, sat or stood on, dropped, pet attacks and so on. Don’t be afraid to give us a call if you’ve had an accident and home with your pet.
We are here to help get your pet back on track, and are certainly not here to judge.

We often receive phone calls from chicken parents who are unsure if their pets are ‘exotic’ enough to be seen at out clinic… The answer is always YES! Chickens are brilliant, resilient and curious characters. They are wonderful family members and great patients. We feel our chooky friends don’t get enough credit out there, but rest assured, our staff all love our chicken patients and feel that they deserve the same care and compassion given to any other animal.
If you are concerned about the health or well being of your chickens, please give us a call at BBEVS, where our lovely nurses will be more than happy to help!

Soon after the accident

Fractured wing

Bandage on wing, prior to amputation