If your bird won’t eat vegetables…

Do you have trouble getting your birds to eat vegetables?
Many birds aren’t willing to try new things offered to them. Some people have had success by creating a ‘chop mix’ for their bird/s that has some of their favourites mixed through. Often when they go to munch on their favourite food item they will pick up something new and realise that it is pretty tasty too!
‘Chop mix’ is basically a mix of vegetables and grains (both cooked and raw) that are cut up or ‘chopped’ quite small and all mixed together.
Toby and Rica (two of Dr Emma’s birds) love their chop mix that they receive each night! If you’re busy you can make up a large batch and freeze it in small portions to be defrosted as required.
This batch of chop contained bok choy, spinach, corn, beans, carrot, strawberry, passion fruit, chilli, sprouts and cooked grains – brown rice, green lentils, Millet, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, chia.

Chop mixToby enjoying his chop mix