‘Who is this magnificent specimen?’, I hear you ask…

Rescue henThis lovely lass has not always been such a stunner. Can you believe that she started her life in the confines of a commercial egg farm?
After 18 longs months in a cage little bigger than a sheet of A4 paper, her life was considered ‘spent’ and no longer of any value.
This is all most battery hens will ever know, but for a lucky few, their fortunes change and the transformation that follows is incredible!
Having never known any kindness, it is a privilege to see these creatures blossom. Showing such bravery and forgiveness, they often actively seek out the opportunity to be near their rescuer. They willingly take food and treats, and are quite comfortable being handled despite the less than soft touch they were shown in the past. What a joy it is to see their hardened little feet touch soft grass, to stretch their little featherless wings and to feel the sunshine on their frail bodies for the first time. It is as if, upon the moment of their rescue, they leave the horrors behind and embrace the little blessings life has to offer.
We could all learn a little from our hens!
Rehoming ex-battery hens is an incredible experience.
If you are considering opening your home to one of these beautiful beasts, there are a few things to consider:

1. These girls will experience many new things in your home, it is important to take it easy and give them time to adjust.

2. These ladies have been bred to produce an unnaturally high number of eggs in their early years. This may mean that their production will rapidly decline, and they may not produce many, or any eggs for you. You’ll need to be prepared to love them anyway.

3. Due to their over active reproductive tracts, they tend to encounter more medical issues than the average hen. It is important to know your hen, and to ask for help when needed. Call the clinic to chat to our nurses if you are concerned. We all love chookies and would love to help.

4. They won’t be beautiful to start with, but their character will more than make up for this! Over time, your hen will shed her old feathers, and will be shiny and new.

5. Your hens may have other health issues. Remember that they have been kept in a high density situation. They have never been exposed to the outside world and may not have the most robust immune system. Many conditions can be easily treated if they are caught early. Our nurses are here to help you decide if you need to pop in for a visit. While we can’t treat your pet over the phone, we can certainly provide great guidance and help you best meet the needs of you new friend.

Consider saving a life! There is another rescue taking place shortly with Red’s Rescue. https://www.facebook.com/Reds-Rescues-605618099501527/

There are a number of hen rescues located throughout the Brisbane area, check them out online for more detail.

If you’d like to know more about caring for your hens, don’t be afraid to give us a call.