Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk to you about bedding for our rodent friends! Did you know that respiratory problems in rodents and their cage substrate can be linked?

Respiratory problems are common and can be severe in pet rats and mice. These include infections such as mycoplasma as well as allergies and irritation. There are many things you can do at home to reduce the chance of your rodent becoming unwell, or to reduce the severity of respiratory disease. One of these is using the appropriate substrate.

Substrate is the covering that we use on the bottom of the enclosure. An ideal substrate should be easy to clean, dust free, non-toxic and comfortable for your ratty or mousey to walk around on and sleep on.

Appropriate substrates include newspaper, towels, fleece, Vetbed, recycled paper pellets, paper towel, shredded paper, tissues and artificial turf. A combination of substrates can be used to provide an interesting environment for your pet to explore, as well as specific areas. Something soft is best for the sleeping area such as fleece or towels. Something absorbent should be used for the toileting area.

Inappropriate substrates include saw dust, wood chips, wood shavings, cedar shavings, soil, sand and anything dusty. These materials can cause respiratory irritation, allergies, foot irritation and possible harbor infectious agents.

Soiled substrate and bedding should be removed daily, and the enclosure thoroughly cleaned once or twice a week with dish washing detergent.

Here is a rat cage with material substrate that is easy to clean, and dust free!

Materials can also be used to make hammocks for your rats and mice! You can also buy purpose made rat hammocks in our reception area!

Nacho the rat striking a pose!

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