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Heat Stroke

As temperatures rise over summer the risk of HEAT STROKE becomes very real for our pets. Heat stroke has devastating effects on pets left outdoors with insufficient shelter, and even pets housed indoors

Health checks over Winter

Health checks over Winter

The cooler weather that comes with winter puts additional stressors on everyone’s bodies – including those of our pets! Some particular health issues that we see exacerbated with the cooler weather are discussed below.   Arthritis Arthritis is an inflammatory...

How to Safely Transport Reptiles to the Vet

Hello everyone! Earlier this month we posted about safe transport of birds and small mammals to the vet, now we’re moving on to our scaled creatures! Reptiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can sometimes be a bit challenging to transport. The most...

How to Transport Your Small Mammal to the Vet

Hello everyone! Last week we spoke to you about transporting our avian friends to the vet, now we are following on with small mammals! We are lucky that we get to see a lot of these cuties in the clinic! There are a number of different ways to transport your guinea...

How to Transport Your Bird to the Vet

Hello everyone! For our educational topic this month we thought we would discuss how to safely bring your pets to the vet! We often have people ask when they book an appointment how to bring in their animal. We are starting with birds and will also include information...

Avian and Exotic Radiographs

Avian and Exotic Radiographs

To continue our theme on educating you all on the various diagnostic tests that we use, we like to talk about avian and exotic radiographs!

Avian and Exotic Blood Tests

Avian and Exotic Blood Tests

To continue our monthly theme of Avian and Exotic diagnostic tests today we wanted to talk to you about the various blood tests we can do for the creatures that we see. We routinely collect blood from all of the creatures that walk, slither and fly through our door –...

Toxins to avoid in the holidays

Christmas is a time of plenty – plenty of social events, plenty of joy and plenty of food and decorations!  Our feathered, scaled and furry pets often like to join in the fun – but not everything that is safe for us, is safe for them! Christmas decorations often...

Signs of Illness in Reptiles

Hello everyone! As many of you with reptilian pets would know, they can be challenging to read sometimes! Signs of illness can be very difficult to spot – because often there aren’t any! Reptiles are very adept at hiding any evidence that they are sick, often until...

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