Tour of the Clinic!

We thought all of our wonderful clients might want to see a behind the scenes tour of our lovely clinic. You guys get to see our reception and consultation rooms but a lot of our work is done ‘out the back’ where we have specialised equipment and lighting. This photographic tour also will show you where our hospitalised animals stay and our surgical theatre.  We hope you love our clinic as much as we do!

Welcome to Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service!  We’re very proud of our reception area, where you can see our custom wall paper behind the front counter.  We’ve displayed the products that we trust, and you can sit on our matching, easy to disinfect couches while you’re waiting for your appointment.  The hallway leading to the consultation rooms displays the qualifications of our vets and nurses – and we keep getting more, so we may need to expand the length!

Each of the three consultation room has artwork from ZooStudios – you can let us know which is your favourite!  Consultation rooms are deliberately kept minimalist to allow for easy disinfection between patients.

The place where the majority of our work is done! This is our clinical area, with the intensive care enclosures on the right. These enclosures are thermostatically controlled, with heating of the roof of each. Oxygen can be piped in as needed.

The enclosures on the left can be altered to be half or full-sized, and can also have the wire replaced with a solid front to allow for oxygen supplementation or nebulisation. Once again, easy to clean and made with impermeable materials to allow for full disinfection.

You can also see one of our two working benches, and our anaesthetic machine for non-sterile procedures.

Our theatre, with some of our specialised equipment. You can see the endoscopy unit, with camera and lighting, the suction for removing fluid during surgical procedure, our anaesthetic machine with ventilator and inspired gas heating device, a fluid pump to measure precise fluid volumes, and our anaesthetic monitoring device, which records body temperature, expired carbon dioxide levels, oxygen levels and can run an ECG as well!

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